QWN-PPV: Generate polarity lexicons on demand

A new Q-WordNet version based on applying Personalized PageRanking to the original Q-WordNet approach. It is a simple, robust and (almost) unsupervised dictionary-based method (Q-WordNet by Personalized PageRanking Vector) to automatically generate polarity lexicons.

The extrinsic evaluations performed show that qwn-ppv outperforms other automatically generated lexicons. It also shows very competitive and robust results with respect to manually annotated ones. Results suggest that no single lexicon is best for every task and dataset and that the intrinsic evaluation of polarity lexicons is not a good indicator of good performance on a Sentiment Analysis task.

Our method is easily applicable to create qwn-ppv(s) other languages, and we demonstrate it by providing polarity lexicons for English and Spanish. The qwn-ppv method allows to easily create quality polarity lexicons whenever no domain-based annotated corpora are available for a given language.